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Independent Schools of the 2020

We have been shortlisted for The Rising Star Award and Environmental Achievement Award in the Independant Schools Of The Year 2020 Awards

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

From September 3rd 2020, Kings Monkton School will be open to all pupils as we return to onsite learning. We have a number of new control measures in place to keep our staff and pupils safe during these unprecedented times, including:

  • Temperature checks for primary pupils at the start of school
  • A new one way system around the school, with new access points for primary pupils in and out of the building
  • Class hubs for secondary pupils to restrict movement around the school
  • A revised uniform policy to avoid cross contamination on blazers and ties
  • Staggered lunches to support social distancing in the dining hall
  • Increased sanitisation stations and new hand dryers in toilets

Face Masks
Pupils and staff are not required to wear face masks around school, in line with Welsh Government Guidance. However, if pupils feel that they want to wear face coverings they are welcome to. All pupils using the school transport, including during games sessions, will be required to wear face masks. Any member of staff or pupil using public transport will need to wear a face mask.

After School Clubs
After School Clubs will start from September, although providers may have additional control measures that they require pupils to conform to. These will vary depending upon the provider and more details will follow once they update the policies.

Online Learning
Any pupil who is unable to attend school from September, for what ever reason, can access online learning as usual. All lessons will be streamed online and pupils can take part in the class as it is happening in school. Further details and codes for this can be obtained from the school.

Preparing Pupils for Onsite Learning
We have a lot of support for pupils and parents to return to school and onsite learning. Mrs Norton has prepared a video for primary children and parents which can be viewed following this link: A booklet has also gone out to primary parents to help prepare the children for onsite return to learning. If you haven’t received this, please contact the main office for a copy. A further booklet will also be coming out for secondary pupils and parents.

We understand that there will be a lot of concern and anxiety as the children return to onsite learning. We dealt with a lot of emotions and concerns over our Wellbeing Days in July and will continue to support pupils and parents into the new term. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.