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monkton our school iconWelcome to Kings Monkton School, an inclusive coeducational school in the heart of Cardiff for pupils aged 3-18 years old. The secret of a great education is simple - small classes, excellent teaching and superb pastoral care. At Kings Monkton School we cap our classes at 18 and our option classes at GCSE and A Level average around 8 pupils per class. This allows our staff to differentiate to the needs of our pupils, as our philosophy is that every child has a unique way of learning and our staff adapt their teaching to get the very best from each individual pupil.

Our Wellbeing Team look after all the needs of our pupils as children will only achieve their best when they feel happy, safe and secure in their learning environment. Our small school is a family, where children are allowed to grow as individuals and excel in their areas of interest.

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Mission Statement

Be the best you can be

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Our vision

At Kings Monkton School our vision is to create an inclusive family community built upon a happy, innovative and outstanding learning environment.

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Our mission and aims

At Kings Monkton School our mission is to prepare each pupil for life, enabling them to discover themselves and develop their gifts and talents, to fully realise their potential, and to achieve the highest standards of which they are capable. As a school therefore we aim to:

  • Offer outstanding teaching, providing an exciting, dynamic and challenging environment that inspires our pupils with intellectual curiosity and a love of learning

  • Set high expectations so that all our pupils achieve their very best and maximise their potential

  • Celebrate the successes and achievements of all our pupils

  • Enable all our pupils to become confident, independent learners

  • Provide a broad, balanced and rich curriculum that is accessible to every pupil

  • Encourage each pupil, through the value we place on them, to grow in self-esteem, self-acceptance and confidence

  • Care for, guide and support each pupil in their journey through the school

  • To foster in our pupils a tolerance and respect for others and a deep concern to care for the environment

  • Prepare our pupils to become the citizens of the future, able to make a strong contribution to society in a changing and challenging global world.

At Kings Monkton School we pride ourselves on being an inclusive, caring and happy school with a tradition of hard work and lots of extra-curricular activities. We strive to ensure that all children reach their potential and get the best educational experience available.

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ourschool headmasters

Paul Norton BA(Hons), MA, PGCFE, QTS, MA(Ed), NPQH

Paul has been teaching for over 20 years and has been in senior leadership for 14 years. He started out lecturing in universities and colleges and moved into secondary school after taking over as Head of Faculty for Psychology and Sociology. Having taught in a range of state schools Paul has also led Summer Schools at Oxford University and delivered training for staff on learning and teaching and assessment across Britain. Paul joined Kings Monkton School as Principal in June 2013 and has a very personal connection to the school his father attended back in 1953. In May 2019 Paul bought the school with his wife, who is also the Vice Principal, Karen Norton.

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Karen Norton BSC(Hons), PGCE, MA(Ed), NPQH

Karen has over 25 years in the education sector and has been in senior leadership for 15 years. Karen was Head of Faculty for mathematics for six years before moving into Senior Leadership, where she specialised in data management, assessment and reporting. Karen has worked across both secondary and primary schools, taking the lead as a Senior Partner for the National Support Programme, to support Headteachers and Governors to implement the National Literacy and Numeracy Framework across Wales. Karen has been a Senior Marker for NFER, leading supportive marking events for teachers across Wales for the past six years. Karen joined Kings Monkton in 2015 as Vice Principal and Headteacher of our Primary School. In May 2019 Karen bought the school with her husband, Paul Norton, who is also the Principal.

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