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As the Queen is such as role model for us here at Kings Monkton School, we ensured to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and the values that she has passed on through numerous generations. Therefore, we decided to hold a jubilee party with Key Stage 1 and 2 to commemorate such a special day.

Eid al-Fitr is a time for celebration and fun with family, friends, and the entire community. It’s great fun to learn about different cultures and customs, so some might pose the question, How is Eid al-Fitr celebrated?

How to deal with stress awareness

Stress can be experienced any time of the year – but as GCSE and A level examinations are just around the corner, some students might start to feel the pressure of academic stress. It is completely normal to feel this type of stress as this is a very important time in a student’s academic career.

World Book Day at Kings Monkton School is a day unlike any other. The atmosphere is different; there’s an air of excitement, of celebration. It feels like a day set apart. On such a day, it’s important that books remain at the heart of the festivities, but it’s equally important that the celebrations transcend the limits of the classroom.

STEM subjects are the backbone of the science and engineering industries, and there are so many other overlaps between various industries that STEM subjects feed into.

National Science Week is celebrated between the 11th and 20th of March

What is LGBT History Month UK

You might have seen LGBT+ History Month UK being promoted across social media platforms, in schools, public spaces, and on TV. Although it may seem obvious what this awareness month is about, people should still be questioning ‘what is LGBT+ History Month UK’, as in doing so, it opens up a safe space for conversation and learning.

Safer Internet Day

Unlike a mere decade ago, the internet is now a vital part of our everyday lives, it can be accessed on our phones, our TVs, even virtual assistant technology such as the Amazon Alexa allows us to use the internet for the simplest, or trickiest of tasks or questions.

how to support student wellbeing

December is always a very joyous month, with Christmas and New Years in sight, it’s easy to forget about the long, dark evenings and cold weather – but once January comes around that changes for some people.

how generosity can uplift communities at Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving, and although it is great fun giving and receiving gifts from friends and family, it is also essential to remember those who may need some generosity this Christmas time.

how can we be more sustainable in school

In 2016, the State of Nature reported that:

Over the long term, 60% of grassland and heathland species declined […]. Of the nearly 8,000 species assessed using the Red List criteria, 15% are extinct or threatened with extinction from Great Britain.

Celebrate children in need 2021

The Children In Need celebrations have come and gone for another year and everyone at Kings Monkton, all the children, teachers, and staff had a huge amount of fun celebrating and fundraising for the charity.

what is anti bullying week

Anti-Bullying Week is a national awareness week (15th - 21st November 2021) that is co-ordinated by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, and is something that we celebrate every year at Kings Monkton School. You may be wondering what is Anti-Bullying Week, what does it entail, and why is it so important to us here at Kings Monkton.

Cardiff Life Award Finalists 2021

On September 30th our Principal, Paul Norton, and Vice-Principal, Karen Norton, along with other staff and esteemed guests, came together to celebrate the Cardiff Life Awards 2021. Everyone who attended was full of excitement and anticipation about how the evening would unfold and who would be the winner of each category.

how to apply for private school scholarships

Kings Monkton School recognises the difficult time children and families had to endure during the pandemic, especially regarding concerns and uncertainty over the learning gap children from other schools are now facing.

Kings Monkton Sixth Form is a small and caring learning environment with a curriculum that is tailored towards the needs of our pupils. We focus on the holistic education of our students so that they develop a resilience and passion for learning that ensures their future success in life. 

Best Private Schools in Cardiff

As another academic year gets well and truly under way, a lot of parents are asking the question: what are the best private schools in Cardiff?

At Kings Monkton School, our philosophy is ‘be the best you can be’, and with this mantra, along with our high-quality teaching, small classes, and learning opportunities, our children typically achieve grades above the national level.