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Independent Schools of the 2020

We have been shortlisted for The Rising Star Award and Environmental Achievement Award in the Independent Schools Of The Year 2020 Awards

online learning

In these uncertain times, many children are anxious about returning to school and the threat of the virus. At Kings Monkton School we established an extremely successful online teaching provision where children can access our classes through our google platform. They learn, study and are assessed in the comfort of their own homes and supported by the excellent KMS Wellbeing Team.

Classes are available for pupils from Year 2 all the way to Sixth Form, and we offer a full curriculum that includes music, languages – Spanish and French, core subjects such as English, mathematics and science, as well as the humanities, physical education and creative arts. Pupils will also get additional important life skills, such as catering and skills development.

All the pupils work, assessments and support material will be shared on google drive, which they can access at any times. Lessons are live streamed from our school site, where pupils can see the teacher and all the teaching resources online. Pupils interact with the teacher through a live webcam and mic set up, allowing them to ask questions, take part in the lesson and contribute to classroom discussions.

Our platform is designed so pupils can give presentations, take part in NEA assessments, and socialise with other class members. There is school hangouts page for pupils to message each other and staff for group work, and all pupils have access to a KMS e mail so they can contact teachers and support staff for help throughout the day.

Partnership Working

We work in close partnership with International Music School to ensure pupils can access the best possible tutoring in all types of musical instruments online, as well as additional support for music theory. We also work with Sports Xtra, who offer physical activities and exercise programmes to ensure your child is healthy and fit.

Examination Classes

At Key Stage 4 and Post 16, pupils can access all options available to our onsite children, with over 33 choices of subjects to study at GCSE, BTEC, A Level and Diploma Level. We also offer Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), at both Level 2 and Level 3 to give pupils and additional edge in getting into their chosen career path or university choice.

Online fees include all examinations at our school test centre and we will support children in attending external onsite examinations through study skills support and revision techniques.

Additional Support

In addition to these opportunities, pupils will also be tested via the CEM Data, which sets key targets and grades for our children. They will also be supported through our careers programme, where they will have Morrisby Testing to help them identify possible career paths and the best way for them to achieve their goals.

Our goal is to ensure that your child gets the best possible advice and help to help them achieve their potential and be the best they can be.

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