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Kings Monkton School was formed in 1994 from the amalgamation of two of Cardiff’s oldest schools – Kings College and Monkton House – both established in 1870.

The influence of Kings and Monkton upon local education over the last 150 years has been immeasurable, since generations of children have passed successfully through the two schools, with countless former pupils making their mark in all walks of life across South Wales and the wider world. The two schools are now a single entity and the process of the merger was completed in 1997 when the school moved to its present location opposite Mansion House in the heart of Cardiff city centre, close to all the amenities of the capital city of Wales. The schools were also joined by Clive Hall and New College, and at their merger hosted nearly 410 pupils.

In May 2019 the school’s Principal, Paul Norton and Vice-Principal, Karen Norton, successfully carried out a management buyout of the school and became the proud proprietors. The school has its own alumni, The Old Kings Monktonians, and all former pupils are invited to join this prestigious group, which is made up of former pupils based all over the world. Paul has a very special connection with the school as his father attended Kings College back in 1953. It was his influence and history with the school that led to Paul coming to Kings Monkton in June 2013.

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