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“ Kings Monkton provides students with a multicultural learning environment and a variety of outdoor activities. George is very interested in the school's curriculum and looks forward to attending. Moreover, I particularly appreciate the teachers in Kings Monkton, who are full of love and patience for the children and respect for their communication with them. I believe it will make George's body and mind, especially his character, better developed.

The above text is my personal feeling towards Kings Monkton.”

Wenying Zhang – Parent


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“The school offers a safe and solid ground for learning and exploration for my child. The family environment allows for my child’s mind to grow positively and to create childhood memories. Learning is both important and fun at the same time.
A fantastic place to be. Home away from home.”

Nisha Nair – Parents Association

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"Kings Monkton is an inclusive school where children are encouraged to work to their full potential but in an unpressurised way.  Because it’s a small school, it has a family feel and children and teachers really get to know each other. I like the diversity of the school, the cultural offer and off course the high standard of education. My son is thriving at the school."

Sorcha Diskin – Parent


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"I moved my daughter to Kings Monkton when she was in year 3 and I haven’t looked back. Alexandra has mild dyslexia and when she first joined the school she found reading, writing and maths particularly challenging. Over time and with effort and patience Alexandra has grown in confidence and her attitude towards school is very positive. There is intervention when needed and the small class sizes make a huge difference, enabling teachers to spend more time with children. The school provides a bus service from the home to the school and this has saved me over 2 hours a day in travel. I’m very happy with the Kings Monkton."

Victoria Holloway – Parent


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“...where teaching is excellent this is due to the wide range of stimulating and extremely effective individualised learning activities.”

Estyn 2016

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