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sustainability KingsMonkton

Kings Monkton School is committed to sustainability and improving our environmental impact. Our vision is to:

  1. Have a neutral carbon footprint by July 2022.
  2. Develop a City Garden that supports wildlife and pupil’s wellbeing.
  3. Create a Pupil Manifesto for Change.
  4. Support organisations such as the WWF in educating our community on the importance of sustainability and biodiversity.
  5. Be a positive force of change.

We have already made great in roads to improve our school environment and the world round us. Since September 2019 we have:

  • Planted 1500 trees, supporting work with the Woodland Trust to re-wood certain areas and support wildlife.
  • Invested in LED lighting around our school to reduce our electricity use by 80% for our lighting needs.
  • Invested in a new, cleaner, minibus fleet to support more pupils travelling by school transport and not in private cars. We are also working closely with TFW to reduce cost, and encourage the use of Public Transport for our staff and pupils.
  • Moved learning resources online through Google classroom to reduce photocopying and waste.
  • Increased recycling in our canteen and made changes to our menu, listening to pupil voice, to reduce waste and rubbish.
  • We continue to work towards our Eco-School status and have achieved Silver Award.