Our school philosophy is ‘be the best you can be’. With this mantra, along with our high-quality teaching, small classes, and learning opportunities, our children typically achieve grades above the national level.

Unlike other private schools in the area, we are a non-selective school; we do not have an admissions examination as our belief and experience shows us that children who feel safe, secure, and happy will excel in all forms of education.

However, we do recognise that some admissions might need to be made on an individual basis. Criteria we want to ensure to meet is ‘Can we meet the needs of the pupil, whether that is through our Additional Learning Needs programme or needing support with a disability?’ Meeting the needs of all our pupils is very important to us, no matter their age, gender, background, or learning capabilities. Therefore, this is the only requirement we have as a school, and we have found that our pupils truly flourish when attending Kings Monkton School.

To find out more about other admission topics such as fees, scholarships, admissions for international students and more, visit our other pages below.

We pride ourselves on being a non-selective, inclusive private school that does not have admissions examinations for this reason. Like all privately funded schools, we do charge placement fees to cover the cost of your child’s education so we can continue to ensure a safe, secure, and happy learning environment. However:

  • We do not charge for exams or curricular trips.
  • From September 2023 all primary school pupils will receive free school meals. 
  • We will not increase our placement charges in September 2023.  We have made this decision to support our families and pupils. 
  • We offer an Early Payment Option (EPO), as below, and a 3% discount on annual fees paid in advance (conditions apply).

Below you can find our standard annual and termly costs:

School PhaseAnnuallyTermly12 x monthly D/D payments of;
Infant (Year 1-2)£11,620.20£3,873.40£968.35
Junior (Year 3-6)£13,284.05£4,428.02£1,107.00
Senior (Year 7-9)£15,563.15£5,187.72£1,296.93
Senior (Year 10-11)£15.980.45£5,326.82£1,331.70
Sixth Form (Year 12-13)£16,392.40£5,464.13£1,366.03
Instalment payments can only be made by Direct Debit. Direct debits can be made annually, termly or monthly. Monthly payment options must be set up via Go Cardless Direct Debit and will be taken by the 15th of the month.

Early Payment Option (EPO)

Parents can benefit from an early payment discount. In order to access this, fees must be paid by the following dates.

• Annual payments – paid in full annually no later than 31st August for the following academic year.
• Termly payments – paid in full no later than the dates below for the following academic term:
     • Autumn Term – 05th September
     • Spring Term – 05th January
     • Summer Term – 05th May 

Direct Debits – parents can also benefit from EPO if a monthly Direct Debit is set up and maintained for the 12 months of payment.

School PhaseAnnuallyTermly12 x monthly D/D payments of;
Infant (Year 1-2)£10,566.25£3,522.08£880.52
Junior (Year 3-6)£12,074.95£4,024.98£1,006.25
Senior (Year 7-9)£14,150.75£4,716.92£1,179.23
Senior (Year 10-11)£14,524.18£4,841.39£1,210.35
Sixth Form (Year 12-13)£14,905.10£4,968.37£1,242.09


• In Foundation the cost of lunch and snacks is included, afterschool care is charged separately (from September 2023 all primary school children will receive free school meals).
• From Reception upwards, lunch and after school care is charged separately

Sibling Discounts

• The school offers a 10% reduction for second, third and forth siblings.


• Scholarships worth up to 20% of fees are available in the January of Year 3, Year 7, Year 10 and Year 12
• Scholarships are based on the school’s scholarship examination and are awarded to the top performers in the year group

Notice Periods

• When you wish you child to leave, you must give one full term written notice to our Principal, Mr Norton, otherwise you will be liable to pay for one term’s placement fees in lieu of notice. 

After School Club

• Times strictly from 3.30pm – 6.00pm
• Charged at £3.20 per half hour (or part)
• Collection past 6pm will incur a penalty charge of £15 per 15 minutes (or part)

Mini Bus Fees

• Are school transport charges are zoned, depending on the distance of travel.  Charges include access to the Kura Transport App to track routes and your child whilst travelling. 

We recognise the difficult times we are living in and the uncertainties we all face on a daily basis. We believe that finances should not dictate your child’s learning experience, so by applying for our scholarship, you will be providing your child with the opportunity for consistent, high-quality learning and fully supported wellbeing within our KMS Family.

We offer annual scholarships for pupils entering Year 3, 7, 10 and 12 in the next academic year, and our scholarship examinations take place in the last Saturday of every January. To apply for our Scholarship Examination, you must register your child by calling admissions on 02920482854 or filing out the application form below, and your child will then sit a literacy and numeracy examination.

Our sixth form also offers a scholarship where your child can sit a subject-specific paper, find out more about our sixth form and how we aid our pupils to ‘become the best you can be’ through Success, Independence, Opportunity.

If you are interested booking a visit to our school, having a meeting with our principal or vice principal or having a tour of our schools excellent facilities. please click see more. 

Admissions are made on an individual basis and at the Principal’s discretion. Criteria used to assess whether a child is admitted to our school include:

• Whether the school can meet the needs of that individual pupil.
• Whether the applicant is of the appropriate age and of sufficient maturity.
• Whether the school is able to provide adequately for any special educational needs the applicant may have following an assessment of the pupil by the Additional Learning Needs Coordinator.
• Whether the school, having made reasonable adjustment, has the capacity to support any disability the applicant may have.
• Whether fees (if applicable) at the present school have been paid.